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Self-care starts with amazing skincare, and your path to finding the Holy Grail of  face masks has become easier with the launch of the next generation of pink clay masks!

Enter sophista-SKIN Lighten Up Pink Clay Mask, available in two formulas in an effort to cater to all skin types, and infused with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil to support healthy skin by hydrating, brightening, detoxifying and firming skin.

Created by Danielle Kurukchi, a beauty professional with over 20 years experience as a beauty therapist, cosmetic brow tattooist, and business owner, Sophista-SKIN has been a labour of love (named after her daughter, Sophia) that has satiated Danielle’s natural curiosity for the latest innovations and technological advances in beauty, especially skincare.

Whilst Pink Clay Masks have been a popular option for many women & men, it’s what is contained in the Australian-made and -owned sophista-SKIN Lighten Up Pink Clay Mask that sets it apart from it’s contemporaries, going one step further and adding the luxury and genius ingredients of:
Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil: rich in Omega fatty acids, nutrients and minerals making it an excellent nourishing oil to smooth rough textures on the skin’s surface, including the treatment of acne.
Bear Berry Leaf Extract: contains a natural source of hydroquinone called Arbutin, an active ingredient that works to reduce pigmentation.
Liquorice Root Extract: a natural skin whitening agent.

“I have been witness with other people to the many benefits of ingesting Cannabis Sativa SeedOil and how active it has been in treating many ailments and pain, so I was curious as to whether it  would be of benefit to the skin,” says Danielle.

“When I discovered it was an amazing emollient rich in fatty acids which actively soothes stressed skin – great for anti-ageing, hydration and firming, treatment of acne, the prevention of skin cell damage by reducing free radicals, and possibly eczema and psoriasis - I began to develop the concept and formula behind what would become sophista-SKIN Lighten Up Pink Clay Mask.”

At A Glance:
Infused with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
Naturals ingredients – no synthetic or artificial ingredients
Australian made and formulated
Pink Clay
Suitable for all skin types

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